The Ability
to Understand
Your Business

IT Support
for Industries

SandS Technologies provides specialized services for the following industries.

  • Medical
  • Attorney
  • HVAC
  • Childcare
  • Management Groups
  • Restaurant
  • And Much More...

How We Provide
IT Support

We provide support in many forms.

  • Remote Data Backup Solutions
  • Compliance and Regulations
  • Instant Remote Support
  • Managed Services

We Provide

We Provide the following services for you and your company. We also provide a courtsey diagnostic test and inspection of your network and server connections to better serve you and your needs. We will look for areas in which your company may be compromising security to dangerous virses that could ultimately be the downfall of your small business.

We will also setup your main server with a remote link. This will help our techs work on your network from any location without having to disturb your typical day to day business activities.

IT Support For Your Peace of Mind

To make sure that you don’t jeopardize current hardware and software investments, we are immediately available to answer questions, help troubleshoot and make repairs in a timely manner. Our computer support service utilizes the latest secure remote access technologies to provide online help for you and your employees wherever you are. 

This means we are able address problems even if you’re not physically in the office. This accessibility and immediate attention stops small issues from becoming huge problems and helps you avoid loss of critical business information, money and precious time.

Each member of our team at S and S Technologies possesses an ideal mix of professional experience and outstanding technology expertise. We deliver services in a friendly, straightforward manner. We resolve your technical issues and then take the time to explain what happened and provide advice on how you can adjust your behavior or install new software prevent similar problems in the future.  We understand the importance of an experienced technician to perform that critical computer repair. It is our goal to being you the peace of mind that you require to know that your office is running at 100% efficiency!