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When you do business with S & S Tech, you get…

Website site Deals:  DYTDesigns
Personal Computer Deals: Net X Computers
Surveillance Deals:  Surtech

Our Partnership Program

S & S Technologies and our partners are commited to bring you an all in one IT service department.


Want to Partner up with S and S Technologies?

It’s not as easy as just signing up,  we interview potential partners one on one.  We only select one non- competing company from a technology field that we don’t already serve. S and S Tech also keeps in constant communication with our partners and clients to make sure that our customers always get the best service and that all of their needs are being met.  There is very little room for error when it comes to who we do business with.
Still Interested?
 Send us a message on our contact page and we will contact you for the initial interview.

Net X Computers

Net X Computers Is a full service IT company specializing in the needs of Home computer repair. We understand that each Customer has unique and specific needs. We tailor our service to you and those needs answering each and every question you have to the best of our ability. We do try and help if possible over the phone, however with each
computer being unique sometimes we just have to be in front of it to tell you wants going on.


DYT Designs

 Your website is a 24-hour representation of your business and your company image. Its primary purpose is to be present at all times and it helps you inform prospect clients about your business and the services you offer. Essentially your website should be your best sale’s person in cyber form. The number one credibility builder in today’s market is displaying a website with information pertaining to the services your company offers and allowing your prospective clients to get in contact with someone at your company via your website


Founded by former law enforcement officers, we understand firsthand the importance of security that is both comprehensive and defensible. 

Surveillance Technologies  provides excellent owner alternatives for camera surveillance and card access systems.  We also provide businesses, insurers and legal professionals with expert investigations and fraud prevention services related to property loss, personal injury and worker’s comp claims.

Whether you need theft prevention, investigative services, off-hours security, or greater workplace safety, Surveillance Technologies has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.